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Hi, I’m Lily-Cate, and I am a recent graduate of George Mason University. I started BST a few years ago (2020) when I was 18. But don't let my age fool ya!


Oftentimes when others describe me, they state that I am a hard worker and that I have the heart of a helper. After visiting rural Africa in 2018, I realized that my reach could go beyond my hometown. Through this business venture, I found a way to incorporate all of the things that I love: cookies, ice cream, coffee, and helping others.


Our partnerships with other small businesses will provide our ice cream and coffee. 


Our mission is simple: help others and practice compassion. I have decided to allocate a portion of all proceeds to funding future humanitarian trips--like my previous trip in Ghana. Your support today, and in the future, will not only impact myself, but the lives of so many others. Previous and upcoming trips include: Ghana (housing, 2018), El Salvador (housing, 2021), Madagascar (housing, 2022) and Guatemala (dental relief, 2022).


Noticing that I could accomplish something with my own small business, while also supporting other small businesses, I took it upon myself to craft BEE Sweet Treats.

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